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“Grab it & lean back”- Best PC gaming controllers to have.

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Everyone interested in playing Video games on different platforms, mainly PC gamers spend hours with their Keyboard and Mouse to enhance their gaming experience.

But there is some specific genre, such as Open World Games, that creates a huge impact when a gamer plays it with the controller.

There’s no denying that PC gaming provides the best graphics, framerates, ultra-performance, and perfect gameplay.

There’s no debate without the heat-up moments between two parties, in this area people might not agree with the conclusion, but on the bright side, stats play a vital role in creating history and better gameplay.

People only saw Keyboard and Mouse as their main controllers.

But that’s not true, not every game gives you the delicate performance with Keyboard and Mouse. Several games out there, such as Forza Horizon, F1 2020 gets better with the gamepad and that’s the bottom line.

Controller, Comfort, and Easy to Master

Gamepad or say controller gives you everything when it comes to comfort, sitting back, and enjoy the game. Don’t need to lean on and trouble your wrist.

The controller doesn’t provide you the same amount of experience in every game especially first-person shooter games and that’s the reason majorly master it in Keyboard and Mouse.

Similarly, with the Open World or Third Person games and Racing one’s controller play an important role to let you enhance your performance.

Games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, GTA V, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. surely offer great gameplay.

But which controller considered to be the best for the PC? Because the variety gets vast and impossible to decide which one should you choose to buy.

In the controller world, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 finds itself at the top of the list. There are several reasons to buy it and Improve your gaming.

The customization it provides, its marvelous offering you undoubtedly luxury in terms of gaming hardware. If anyone of you held it for more than a minute, then you might know the reason for it.

It’s worth spending amount on such luxurious, comfortable gamepad, which got minor changes from their previous edition and it created a great impact on it.

With the extended rechargeable battery, which gives you 40 hours of power-packed gaming performance to enjoy.

Talking about controllers and not mention Dualsense would be an injustice to it. Sony DualSense Wireless Controller grabbed a massive amount of audience through their new design and dual sense which created much more hype than ever.

Only PlayStation 5 users can surely feel the adaptive triggers and that motor to believe in the new controller invention. Its super accurate thumbsticks help players to be accurate with their shoot and firm grim won’t let it slip. But one drawback of it, that it takes a lot of time to use on PC.

There’s the reason, such controller developers go with the XBOX design and mechanics because they know the benefits of it.

That’s why Power A Spectra did the same and make sure to make an identical design similar to Xbox One.

Talking about the feel, its button gives you the nicest experience and it’s the budget one. But with the design and premium quality doesn’t seem it falls in the budget controller.

If your budget gets tight, then grabbing it from the gaming shelf won’t harm anything.

In the end, everyone has their personal preference when it comes to gaming.

Targeting towards the controller also targets the specific gaming genre as well and indeed it fulfills all the demands. Such controllers not only enhance your open-world gaming performance but also let you relax and lean back while playing with comfort.

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Batool Imami

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