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Female TikToker receiving ‘threats’, Police positioned outside her home

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Eight cops have been positioned outside the home of a female TikToker who was attacked and harassed at Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day.

Eight cops have been positioned at the home of the woman whose video of being pushed at the Greater Iqbal Park went viral, stated the police in charge of the investigation at Shahdara police station.

“No one is allowed to meet the family of the woman without their consent,” said Police.

The woman also remarked on the substance and said that the placement came as the result of threats being thrown in contradiction of the TikToker and her family.

She has claimed, “My mother has become sick after the threats”.

Police earlier in the day said that they have arrested 130 people and identified 40 of them through videos of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident where a female TikToker was allegedly assaulted and harassed.

The police stated that they have identified 40 people who were present at the incident, further identified through video evidence available with the establishments.

“We have also recorded the statement of a person accompanying the female TikToker and he has also undergone a medical test,” police further added that the defendants detained are also being recognized with the help of those escorting the TikToker.

They said that overall 130 suspects have been detained and 70 of them were freed after the documentation of 22 accused the previous day.

Furthermore, the police shared that they have taken the female TikToker in protecting custody after she was getting calls and visitors following the Minar-e-Pakistan occurrence.

“She is being allowed to meet her relatives and family members in the protective custody,” they said.


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