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Faryal Makhdoom breaks into tears due to abusive trolls on social media.

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Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan, broke into tears while explaining her encounter with an abusive troll in a therapy session with psychologist Emma Kenny.

The 29-year-old model said that though she put up with a lot of online abuse and trolls but nasty comments about her marriage, family and children broke her into tears.

While recounting the incident she said: ‘Someone posted, “oh you’re on your high horse you look so happy. Don’t forget about the time your husband was constantly in the papers and there were cheating allegations and your marriage was on the rocks!”

‘That’s so harsh, it was so much in one paragraph. It does upset me!’

Faryal broke down in tears while sharing her words: ‘I do have a thick skin and put up with a lot of abuse online. But putting up with things that are said about my husband, my family, my relationship, my children, is something that kind of hurts.’

The couple had parted ways for six months after both accused each other of infidelity in 2017. The couple had a ferocious exchange of tweets when Amir Khan officially announced about the couple parting ways. In the tweets, he openly expressed his ire over Faryal’s alleged links with another boxing celeb Anthony Joshua.

And as expected by the alleged boxer, Anthony intervened in the story and tried to clear the mess. Amir Khan, however, faced huge criticism from his fans and followers alike for publicly humiliating his wife. Meanwhile, Faryal expressing deep resentment over Amir’s tweets opted not to directly reply to his tweet.

Instead, she publicly informed about enjoying her best time with her daughter, family, and friends despite parting ways with her husband, Amir Khan. The couple, however, reconciled and issued a public apology to each other on social media.

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