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Drew Barrymore and Tom Green Reunite After 20 Years

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“They didn’t make it forever and ever after, but they’re still friends!”

Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband Tom Green had their first face-to-face reunion in almost 20 years on Oct. 26.

The comedian joined Drew on her talk show on Tuesday as a special guest for the Drew’s News segment. After introducing Tom as “someone really close to me,” Drew sat down with Tom and Ross Matthews and talked about Tom’s cross-country road trip in 2020. 

During their conversation, Drew and Tom, who were married from July 2001 to October 2002, revealed that they once took a trip to Ireland that involved long hikes, random goats and headstones. Drew noted that it was one of her favorite trips of her life, before Tom spilled the actual reason for their getaway. “It was our honeymoon,” he said. 

Drew was touched by the memory adding, “and it was a good one.” The pair’s time at the desk only got sweeter when Ross asked if their reunion was as surreal to them as it was for him.

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