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CSI: Vegas Is Not Your Parents’ CSI

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Gil and Sara may be back in the crime lab, but it isn’t how they left it.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, longtime CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Jorja Fox discussed returning to the iconic crime procedural and teased what’s changed since her character was last solving crimes in Sin City. As Fox noted, this iteration of the CBS drama, now named CSI: Vegas, is its own show.

“I don’t think much is really going to be the same,” Fox, who starred on CSI on-and-off between 2000 and the show’s end in 2015, explained. “It’s a new day, and we’re in new times. I think the show’s going to be very reflective of what’s happening now.”

While Fox and co-star William Petersen are reviving their investigator roles for the sequel series, the 53-year-old actress teased that the couple is “even a little different, ’cause they’ve been traveling the world together for the last five years.”

This means there will be a transition for Gil and Sara, who return to Las Vegas as criminal malfeasance claims threaten to bring down the entire crime lab and its impressive legacy.

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