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Chinese Military Killed 3 Indian Army Personnel Including A Colonel

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Dangerous escalation has been reported in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley where China has not just secured 60 sq km Indian territory but also killed three Indian Army Personnel including a colonel ranked officer.

Twitter India is fuming but many say it was expected since India lacks both confidence and moral authority to confront the Peoples Liberation Army.

India which has bullied not just its neighboring nations but also nations that it has forcefully annexed into its territories like Kashmir, Nagaland, and Manipur is now standing helpless in front of mighty China.

Here the issue is explained comprehensively in the video.

According to reports and credible defense analysts, India will surrender its territory to China because unlike Pakistan which despite being 6 times smaller to India and still defiantly stands up against Indian bullying, India lacks the same guts to stand against equally powerful China.

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