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BiP’s Tammy Ly Feels “Defeated” By Fans Who Won’t Accept Her

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The drama on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise is reaching peak levels, and not everyone is handling it as well as they’d like. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, current cast member Tammy Ly took to Twitter to express her apparent frustration with fan reaction to her scenes. After starting a love triangle last week with foes Aaron Clancy and Thomas Jacobs, Tammy opted to pursue things with Thomas, only to see him accept a date with Becca Kufrin on last night’s episode.

“I feel so defeated,” Tammy wrote. “I’m starting to think that I’m trying to gain acceptance from an audience that was never right for me to begin with.”

This followed Tammy having posted a number of anguished social media messages the day prior, just after fans watched her bawling on the beach over Thomas spending time with Becca.

“This was the most vulnerable I’ve ever been,” she tweeted on Tuesday, Sept. 7. “And it’s all being aired. I don’t need you guys to tell me ‘this is what you get’ and ‘karmas a b**.’ Leave me alone.”

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