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BiP’s Jessenia Cruz Talks Love Triangles, Drama & Happy Endings

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“If I’m completely honest, Ivan does have really nice full lips so he does give really great kisses,” she admitted, before adding, “Chris was good too. I don’t want to separate.” 

And, she assures fans that the finale is worth waiting for. “I like to say, most of us definitely found what we were looking for,” Jessenia hinted at whether or not she’s now engaged. “At the end of the day, things unfold how they’re supposed to.” 

As for another one of Jessenia’s exes, Matt James? Jessenia is thrilled that he’s making it work with season winner Rachael Kirkconnell, despite the drama.  

“I think it’s great, honestly. I think it goes to show that a relationship can still flourish outside of the series,” Jessenia concluded. “I think, partially, the environment definitely took a toll on them, so to have them be out in the real world and taking time to be with each other and working on the relationship, I think it’s great. I love seeing Rachael happy, and Matt definitely deserves to be happy as well.” 

Watch the full interview above to hear Jessenia dish on hooking up in Paradise and spill if Kenny really showed off his package on the beach.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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