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‘Bangui is sweet’: A rap to renew appreciation for the Central African Republic’s capital

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“Bangui la coquette”, or Bangui the beautiful, as it was nicknamed in the 1970s, has lost some of its splendour. The capital of a country plagued by conflicts and political upheaval, the largest city in the Central African Republic has been “mocked, mistreated and neglected”, according to rapper Befa Centro. The French and Central African rapper hopes to change that, with a song and a video that are a “declaration of love” to Bangui. 

The Central African Republic has been in the grips of a conflict between Christians and Muslims in the country since 2013. Our Observer Christian Ndotah, who is working to restore dialogue between Christians and Muslims, helped support the making of the song.

It’s entitled “Bangui est doux” (in English, “Bangui is sweet”). Befa Centro’s initiative is based on “a desire to speak well” of the Central African Republic, says the artist on his YouTube page. He says he wants to promote the Central African Republic and Bangui “through moments of life, togetherness and joy”.

Hear the song in its entirety here:

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