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Baby Foot Peel Is on Sale: Stock up Before It Sells Out…. Again

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The waiting is the hardest part. You might think nothing is happening, especially when your feet look exactly the same immediately after the treatment… but then, like magic, they begin to transform. Within days, your feet will start to peel a little, then a little more, then a whole lot. Some say they shed like a snake, others report leaving chunks of skin wherever they go until the process is done.

So yes, it’s gross… but also oddly satisfying, especially when you see the results. The skin on your feet will look brand new and feel baby soft (as the name suggests). The hype is very real. Now, we won’t start sandal season without it. This is truly a miracle product. There’s just one catch (isn’t there always?): it’s selling out everywhere. Shop below to get yours while you can, and join us in the joy of experiencing the weirdest and most wonderful metamorphosis your feet will ever know.

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The Groucho

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