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Australia news live update: Scott Morrison unveils details of 2050 net zero plan; Victoria premier outlines new pandemic laws | Australia news

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We have set out clear principles which we will honour. You will have noticed this about how our Government operates. When we set out our economic response to covid I first set out the principles by which we would do that and we are doing the same thing here.

Those principles will guide all of our decisions – technology, not taxes, choices not mandates, ensuring we have a portfolio of technologies that get us there at the end of the day, to ensure that we keep the costs down and have the balance between reliability and affordability with emissions reduction and most importantly to go back – the question was asked about our Pacific partners – a credibility on transparency and the authenticity of the credits and of the emissions reduction reporting that exists.

Australia, as Angus said, has set clear marks on this.

One of the things we raised at the Quad recently when I was in the United States and I discuss regularly with the Asean partners and well as those in the Pacific, is there will be an appetite around the world for high integrity credits, high-integrity credits.

Australia will be an obvious place for that. In is no country that you can rely more on the integrity of any credits coming from any country than Australia.

We are premium quality, top of the line, best in class when it comes to these high-integrity credits.

Now we want to work with our Pacific island nation partners, with our Asean friends and those working without the Indo-Pacific, working with the United States and Japan and India making sure we can lift the [legitimacy] of these credits because I think that has been a real problem with the whole credits scheme.

I think it has really undermined confidence. It is not about the if or when, it is about the how. And the world has to start focusing on the how and our Australian way focuses on the how. I think that’s the leadership that the world debate on this actually needs. The world has to focus on the how.

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The Groucho

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