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So i have been thinking that it’s been a while since i talked about my passion. The only thing i want to pursue my career in “Artificial Intelligence”.

Pakistan right now is not very active in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The world is already so developed it’s too much of a competition.

I was in my second semester of my Electrical Engineering when i finally figured out what i really want to do with my life. Yes, i just took engineering by chance with no aim. But only after i started studying it, my interest in the field of robotics started developing even thou Artificial Intelligence is all about programming as claimed by almost everyone.

As i was already in the field of electrical engineering and i had no intention of switching my major to computer science. I decided to go for Electronics engineering which will later be connected to the field of robotics for me and besides that i decided to take an online course on Artificial Intelligence, which thankfully did not cause so much trouble because we were taught the basics of Python language in Electrical too.

About AI:

The future is of Artificial Intelligence and no one can argue over it. Everything is predicted to be controlled by AI robots, human labor will be switched by it. Now here comes a question; Is developing Artificial Intelligence robots a threat to our society? I can not fully deny it nor can anyone else.

The more Robots will be built the less opportunity will be there for humans to pursue.

Even thou we have this threat on our heads, the world competition in developing such robots are getting tougher every single day. Then why not Pakistan.

There was this research i was reading that how much left behind Pakistan is in the field of AI. It saddens me to even consider the fact that there are no opportunities to work in such environment for our upcoming generation.

Japan is already working on 8D, while Pakistan is still stuck on 5D. I know it takes time and the only good thing i learnt by the little research i did was; a lot of our youth is now interested in this particular field of AI.

Let’s not forget Artificial Intelligence is a very vast domain. Once you enter this field then only you will know that you actually haven’t even started yet.

It requires great amount of skills and knowledge for a person to master this field.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics:

We all know that electrical manufacturing is a lot more cheaper than mechanical manufacturing. And the vast part of Artificial Intelligence robots is electronics manufacturing. If we get to combine these with the programming installed no wonder we can easily achieve what we want!

Artificial Intelligence is all about the brain game. About how efficiently you develop it’s brain by using the instructions. The most important part is the basics in both robotics and programming. They are the key part in it.

It’s about bringing your imagination in to the world of programming in the form of instructions, it’s a no easy game in fact it is just too hard even thou you master it, you will still need to keep updating yourself so that you won’t lack.

A little Clarification:

There is this misconception about Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan and a lot more places that AI is all about human robots like SOPHIA. but that’s definitely not true.

Artificial Intelligence robots includes many more designs and structures than human robots. A development of a car also includes the working of Artificial Intelligence in it, similarly any model you design includes AI in it; let alone it be a system designed to mark an online attendance. There is always a part of AI involved in almost everything these days.

Pakistan been lacking in this field which is worrisome, but luckily the new generation; the youth of Pakistan is taking the image to the new level by developing and working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. With time i hope we will all get to understand how important this is for us to excel in it.

If you have an online platform or books or anything available to learn from, if AI is your interest, don’t let anything hold you back! You should know you can do it. You are our future! If we won’t do it who will? Let’s take this game of Artificial Intelligence to a new level and give world the competition. It’s never too late!


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Wajiha Tariq


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