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Is Mathira officially joining the Porn Industry?


Mathira has earned a name as a drama Queen just like her co-celebrity Veena Malik. She deliberately publishes objectionable pictures of herself on social networking sites just to remain in the spotlight. The worst part is, she wants herself to be known as a ‘mom’ as she mothers a child yet at the same time she uploads mostly half-naked images, in which she is often seen flaunting her breasts and butts for views and likes.

Is Mathira joining the Porn Industry?

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But recently her almost nude images have been surfaced and it seems that she may be finding some role in the Porn Industry.

Is Mathira joining the Porn Industry?

Is Mathira joining the Porn Industry?

Is Mathira doing this on purpose to seek attention that she so desperately crave for? or is that she truely is an aspirant for becoming a porn-star?

Now imagine the level of our Pakistani media which allows someone like Mathira a space in national, prime-time for various programs such as game-shows and reality-shows. Is this what we are going to teach our children? Is this the role model we are looking upon to inspire our youth? Someone whose only claim to fame is showing off her body and sleeping around with different men, is now going to be an anchor of our family related shows?

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