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Rise of Umme Sindhi | Young Pakistani Nationalist

Rise of Umme Sindhi | Young Pakistani Nationalist

If you are not aware of Umme Sindhi then you are probably not actively observing the events in Sindh province of Pakistan. Umme Rubab Chandio is from Mehr Sindh whose entire family, including father, mother, brothers, grandfather, and uncles were shot dead by a political party, the PPP backed Wadera (Landlord) over land dispute.

This girl took to courts in Pakistan for justice but knowing how the justice system in Pakistan only serves the powerful, she remains helpless however this did not break her or demoralize her because Umme has started inspiring the youth in Pakistan for a constructive and positive change.

She believes that the system can only be changed once the youth decides to change itself for good. Today she is not just talking about herself but for every oppressed individual or people from Interior Sindh to Indian occupied Kashmir.

Umme Sindhi has groomed herself to become a Pakistani nationalist, her charismatic speeches are inspiring the youth in Sindh to join her for the rallies.

Here Umme Rubab Chandio took out rally for the people of Kashmir.

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