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DARK- The End is the beginning and The beginning is the end.


June 27 Netflix is going to air the final season of the German series Dark.

Dark is Netflix’s first-ever German original series. If you talk about the plot then trust me, you will get twisted yourself. This story is so confusing yet addictive.

One of my friends recommended me this series earlier this year. It was all good at first until the first disappearance of one of the characters Mikkel Nielsen happened in 2019.

This story revolves around a few families of Winden, Germany. It goes back and forth 33 years in the past and 33 years in the future. It starts with the suicide of 44 year old artist Micheal Kahnwald in July 21, 2019, who is interestingly, appeared to be the same teenager Mikkel Nielsen, who got disappeared on November 2019 and was 11 years old.

Confusing right?? Well, this is just the beginning!

It’s a story of time travel and how the same cycle repeats every 33 years. Mikkel Kahnwald (born as Mikkel Nielsen) who traveled back to 1986 at the age of 11, where he got adopted by Ines Kahnwald, a retired nurse at Winden Hospital. Later he got married to Hannah Kruger and become a father of a son, Jonas Kahnwald.

Here you will see Jonas Kahnwald playing a significant role in this series who will be working alongside Claudia Tiedemann to fight against Adam, the leader of Sic Mundus; a cult or secret society of time travelers in a war for control of time travel.

He also fell in love with a girl who happens to be her aunt from the future LOL. It’s all just too much messed up and confusing.

Let’s just say one cannot explain it without watching it and even if you watched it you still can’t…!!

The first two seasons of Dark involved the stories from 1986, 1953, and 2019, but in the last episodes of the series, it gave us a glimpse of 1921 and 2053.


My theory:

In the last episode of season 2, it showed that the world was ending and Jonas (as his future-self) killed the woman he loves, but just a few seconds later she dies in his present-self arms, after appearing in front of him in a thin air!!!! And says something like this “Don’t ask what year am I here from it’s what place” …. ahh another curiosity.

If she is not from the past or from the future is she from another planet? Or maybe if they saw the end of the world happening in the future they created another universe???

Jonas or anyone can definitely not change the past if the future already exists!!

Because if Mikkel Nielsen never disappeared in 2019, Jonas would never exist, but he already does which means the future already exists, this was clarified in season 1. But how would this all going to stop?

Who is the controller of it all?? How and who will put an end to it?

No matter how confusing and “doesn’t make sense” kind of series this is. Dark is something extraordinary and a must watch.

The way everything is working out and making a way in it is so satisfying, at least for me it is!

If we talk about the popularity and ratings, then it became hot-favorite over the short period of time because of its “Not So Common” Story.

I would recommend this show to anyone. The storyline, the plot, the addiction, and the satisfaction, everything is there.

If you really haven’t watched it yet and looking for some masterpiece on NETFLIX, you better not miss it. You won’t understand it until you watch The Dark yourself and then only you will came to know what I am bragging about…”THE HYPE!!”.

About Season 3:

Dark ended in late 2019 and the makers announced the final season to be released soon. They were really quick in doing so!

A few days back the official trailer for season 3 was released everywhere.. And trust me it’s everything we all been waiting for. All of our questions and confusions will be answered as promised by the makers of Dark.

It’s called “The end is the beginning and the Beginning is the end”.

In the trailer, it was presented that this is going to be the last cycle of everything that’s been going on since forever and how will it all come to an end.

Dark will be released on Netflix on June 27th, 2020.

I am just way too excited for it to be released. I have been waiting for this news for so long. Let’s see what they have in store for us.

Oh by the way, did I mention the most confusing part for me in the Dark? Charlotte Doppler is going to be the daughter of her own daughter Elisabeth Doppler in the future!!!!!! Sick I know!!! Well, it will be answered in the final season… everything will make sense in the end.

It’s a story revolved around families of Kahnwalds, Dopplers, Nielsens, and Tiedemanns. Claudia Tiedemann plays an important role in all of these. Let’s see how does she turn out, a villain, or a hero who saves a day.

Don’t miss it. 27th of June it is.

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Wajiha Tariq


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