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António Guterres tells UN ‘the world must wake up’ over climate change – live | World news

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The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who is due to open the UN general assembly this morning, is having a torrid time in New York, where he has been pursued by angry protesters and reprimanded by senior politicians for snubbing Covid vaccination.

In the few hours since he arrived in the Big Apple on Sunday Brazil’s far-right leader has been scolded by the city’s mayor, Bill di Blasio, who said that those, like Bolsonaro, who refused to be jabbed shouldn’t “bother” to visit New York.

On Monday Boris Johnson also used an encounter with Bolsonaro, under whose presidency nearly 600,000 Brazilians have died from Covid, to push vaccination, telling Brazil’s leader he was double jabbed.

Brazilian protesters, meanwhile, have pursued their beleaguered president around New York to lambast his “murderous” response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, was berated while trying to visit an Apple Store. On Tuesday morning Bolsonaro, apparently discomboluted by the attacks, tweeted a video in which he called such critics a “brainless” minority with “shit” in their heads.

Bolsonaro’s health minister, Marcelo Queiroga, was caught on camera angrily making the “up yours” gesture to protesters, sparking a major outcry in Brazil.
“One humiliation after the next,” the Brazilian journalist Vera Magalhães tweeted after Di Blasio tweeted a list of New York vaccination sites to Bolsonaro. “We have a pariah in the presidency.”


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