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Anderson Cooper Posed as His Mom’s Social Media Assistant

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Looks like his time hosting The Mole paid off!

Turns out, there’s another side of Anderson Cooper‘s career the world didn’t know about. During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, Oct. 26, the famed  journalist revealed that he moonlighted as his mother Gloria Vanderbilt‘s social media assistant, prior to her death in 2019.

When the Anderson Cooper 360 host realized that the then 91-year-old—who had been a model, an author and, most famously, a jeans designer— was becoming a bit depressed, he suggested starting an Instagram account to encourage her to get back to working on and selling her art.

Gloria agreed, saying the platform was like “magic” and that’s when Anderson got a special assignment.

“I got her on Instagram and made an account for her artwork and she was like ‘Who’s going to deal with the customers,'” he said. 

“And there wasn’t really anyone to deal with the customers and I was like ‘I know what you’re doing. I’ll do it.'”

That’s when Gloria had the perfect idea that would keep her famous son’s identity under wraps.

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The Groucho

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