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An Update in my life | Quarantine | University | Etc – Part 3

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Got a little late for an update in my life, but here we go!

To be very honest.. such a messed up week it’s been except for one good thing EID. About that i injured my eye so badly on the first day that i couldn’t get ready for the next two days. I could barely open my eye.

Anyways it’s all better now as i am writing this! one good thing i have been a little active on my thewsquare account since i got better. The fact that Ramadan and Eid is over now is so saddening, i don’t know why it ends so soon.

Officially online classes will resume from tomorrow, and i just realized i am already late for my assignments and labs!! This is all so frustrating i can’t explain it in words.

Everything that’s been going on lately, just everything, it seems like nothing makes sense not to me at least! Everything seems to fall apart.

a little Eid glimpse

A little motivation:

Yeah i know i am talking depressed but i am not! i just wanted to talk about it. You know there are a lot of moments like these in our lives, a point where we all can’t exactly figure out what to do and what not to or maybe where you went wrong even after you tried your best.

What i learnt from it was there is no point arguing or explaining over something you have no control over, something already done, where damage is already done. Instead it’s better to take the responsibility. And correct what’s been damaged or broken.

No one is perfect. I am no saint of course. We will get through this! And above all this online final assessment is one hell of a headache. I just really hope all of this from this pandemic to our very own personal issues end soon.

I suppose this is all i have for this week’s update in my life. Please follow my social media accounts if you haven’t yet. See you all next week! I hope things get easy and better for all of us and that i have something good next week to share with you all.. Until then.



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Wajiha Tariq


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