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My Life During Quarantine – Part 2

My Life During Quarantine - Part 2
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So it’s a Thursday, time for an update in my life (part 2). Well, it has been a really very busy week for me, the end of May, Ramadan, online classes, quizzes, assignments, and what not!!

I heard the HEC (Higher Education Commission) have instructed me to take online assessments. Online final exams?? how on earth am I going to solve a numerical online too much distraction I suppose.

Well, safety first so let’s say it’s better this way. We can only pray for this crucial time all around the world to end soon so we can get back to our normal lives, I hope with improvements.

If I talk about our page _whichwitchiswhich it’s doing great…the girls are really putting in the effort, makes me proud. I couldn’t contribute that much these days as I broke my phone and I have lots on my head. The pressure is building up my friends!!

One good thing I launched another page even thou I am bragging about how I don’t have enough time but I wanted to do it, I collaborated on this one with my best friend of 8 or more years I guess lol I lost the counting.

So this page is called “the square” I will leave the link.. please follow and help us grow, coming back to this page’s name it’s actually both of our names start with  W (Wajiha and wareesha) so in math language, we made it a square, so intelligent I know lol.

So about next week, I have no idea what’s going to happen beside it’s my birthday and quarantine lol. No worries we’ll have our day someday.

And as I am writing this I am afraid I have 3 labs to complete, GOD will help me do it. Three lab submissions in a day and extremely time and brain consuming assignment tomorrow.. *sigh*

But we all have a vision don’t we things that we want in life, it’s time to make it happen just a few years of hardship and we can achieve them, that’s what I tell myself every single time, you should too!

Trust me you’ll make it one day one way or the other, don’t ever let anyone put you down EVER! or tell you that you can’t make it or it’s impossible.

I am doing my bachelor’s in engineering but I am multi-tasking too. When you get an opportunity let it be any sort take hold of it until you’re sure that you’re ready or that it’s time.

You have no idea the power you possess until you learn to use it. We all are in this together and we will always be, never forget this. Everything will make sense someday, every decision, every mistake, every move, just everything.

Just never lose your faith in Allah. Things always work out just at the right time!

And don’t forget to follow both of my accounts.. see you next week fam with an update in my life. Stay home Stay safe and Stay healthy.



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Wajiha Tariq


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