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All the Drama You Missed on Tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise

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A few of Bachelor in Paradise‘s original couples are starting to crumble, not unlike a popular baked good. 

On Monday, Aug. 30, new arrivals Chasen and Chris arrived arm-in-arm, bringing a double-date card with them. Chasen flirted with Mari but ended up taking Deandra on the intimate date, much to Karl‘s chagrin. Meanwhile, Chris had his sights set on Jessenia the whole time, although Ivan had no doubt in his mind that his relationship with Jessenia was solid. 

Both couples clicked on their dates, with Jessenia later telling that Ivan that Chris had a “spark that I’m looking for,” whereas Ivan checked more of her life-goal boxes. The pain. 

After Mari surprised Kenny by informing him she wanted to accept other people’s dates in the future, Demi swooped in. Demi gave Kenny a cake for his belated 40th birthday, complete with a condom-stuffed piñata—why do piñatas always cause problems on this show?—and the two made out before Mari tossed the cake on the flames.

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