Recently a video of a girl from the University of Lahore (UoL) publicly proposing to a boy in front of her other fellows went super viral. The proposal video has landed the two in hot water. Contact Us | About Us | DMCA | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy

A “to be together” proposal became “got divided” as both were expelled from the university.

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The proposal video shows a girl on her knee with a bouquet of flowers.

While being in that posture, she expressed her love for the guy standing right next to her and the video ends with the guy happily accepting her proposal.

The proposal video was shared all over social media and people just could NOT stop talking about it

A lot of them drew a funny comparison between UoL and the other universities by coming up with some memes.

Some people simply fell in love with the video and found the act, in general, to be extremely adorable. However, as soon as the video caught the attention of the university administration, a notice was issued to expel the respective students on disciplinary grounds.

The students were charged with gross misconduct and violation of the university rules due to the proposal video. Moreover, they were debarred from entering the premises of the university.

A lot of them felt bad for the couple in the proposal video

They stated that the administration of the university should have taken the academic goals of the respective students into consideration

They were shocked at the stern action taken by UOL as the act hadn’t really harmed culture/societal values

Many are questioning why openly expressing love is being treated as a crime

However, as expected, the ghairat brigade also had a lot to say about the proposal video

Some people took to trolling the couple in the proposal video

When will stop policing love and affection? Why can’t we turn to focus on issues that require our attention? Anyway, what are your thoughts regarding the issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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Batool Imami

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