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35 Movies & TV Shows That Accurately Portrayed Hispanic Heritage

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¡Ya es hora! That means “It’s time” in Spanish, and it is indeed time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, all September long. 

There are too many brilliant films and TV shows by Latinx and Hispanic auteurs to round up in one list, so we’ve narrowed it down to 35 things to watch to learn more about the American Latinx experience.

In an open letter signed by 270 Latinx TV and film writers, showrunners and creators in October 2020, stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Leguizamo and One Day at a Time showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett called for more on-screen representation both above and below the line. “While Latinx ​are ​18.3%​ ​of the U.S. population, we only make up 4.7% of feature writers and 8.7% of TV writers,” the letter stated, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter“Inclusivity is not enough.”

The statement called for “no stories about us, without us,” as well as more producers to greenlight projects centered on Latinx history and storytelling.

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