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20 Indian Soldiers Killed, 45 arrested by Chinese Army

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According to well known Indian journalists like Saurav Jha, Ajai Shukla and Niha Masih, about twenty Indian soldiers have been killed by the Chinese military where earlier the figure was reported to be three which included one colonel ranked Indian officer.

This is the first case after the Indo-China war where Indian soldiers of such a huge number being killed on the Ladakh region.

Other Journalists quoted UK media sources in confirming that casualties could be more than what India is trying to hide.


India has been hiding facts and it is being questioned by its own independent journalists. Earlier a strange case of cirus being displayed by the Indian media when it initially quoted an unverified twitter handle to claim that there were casualties on the Chinese side as well while that particular handle itself was quoting Indian media as a source for the same claim.


Indian media is desperate to find face-saving mechanism for its country and the muscular and chest-thumping Hindu nationalist government that has been completely humiliated by the Chinese military the Peoples Liberation Army hence they are manipulating facts and deliberately disinforming their public.

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Anna Rouzy


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