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16 people lose eyesight allegedly after undergoing surgery at a hospital in Multan.

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A surgeon at a local private hospital in Multan comes under fire for alleged negligence during multiple eye operations. According to reports, at least 16 people claimed they had lost their eyesight allegedly a few hours after their respective surgeries.

The surgeries allagedly took place at the private hospital on March 20. As per their claims, it happened after they experienced pain in their eyes after the operations.

According to one of the patients, Rana Abdul Malik, all 16 individuals including seven women used the Sehat Insaf Card. It a flagship public health initiative by the incumbent PTI government for their eye operations. The incident was reported in Multan’s area of Larr. Speaking to Geo News, Malik revealed Dr. Hasnain Mushtaq did the surgeries.

“Once the bandage was removed, I knew my eye had been ruined. The pain continued while I was at home, throughout the night. And then, in the morning, I called the doctor,” one of the patients said.

“The doctor prescribed medicine and then all of us went to the hospital, where some were admitted,” the victim added. “Meanwhile, others were forced to take medicine and asked to return to their homes.” The patient said he went to two other doctors “who told me my eye had been completely damaged [and] asked me why I went to that hospital”.

The victims undergo treatment

Upon learning about the pain in their eyes, the hospital’s administration admitted the 16 people and kept them overnight. However, discharged them in the morning. The patients, all of whom have lost their eyesight, are currently undergoing treatment at different hospitals in Multan and Lahore.

Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar  after taking notice of the matter has directed the health department to investigate the matter. And to take prompt action against those who are responsible for carrying out wrong eye surgeries.

CM Punjab has directed the secretary of health and the commissioner Multan Division to submit a detailed report into the matter. In addition to this, he has also directed the provincial health authorities to focus on the treatment of the affected people and unveil the facts behind the issue.

Meanwhile, the victims have demanded higher authorities to investigate the incident and provide them justice. There has always been a debate amongst the masses on Pakistan’s medical facilities not being capable enough. Be it infrastructure, pseudo-doctors, or private medical centers that milk money from the poor.

A few years back, a medical hospital in Karachi allegedly killed a child and put him on vent for the sake of money.

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Batool Imami

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