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10 Rising Latinx TikTokers to Follow During Hispanic Heritage Month

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It’s time to add some “Good Vibras” to your TikTok feed.

If you’re one of the millions of users who find themselves scrolling through the social media platform looking for cooking recipes, adorable dogs or straight up WTF moments, you’re not alone. But in between all the tips and tricks, there are many content creators having fun while also amplifying voices in the Latinx community.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Hollister Co. launched Hollister Good Vibras, a first-of-its kind, long-term program dedicated to uplifting the Latinx creator community.

Through the program, Hollister works with Latinx creators to develop social content and music, all while supporting the creators’ growth and amplifying their voices.

“I hope that through my platform, individuals from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds come together to celebrate our differences with joy, laugh about what makes us unique and share stories that bring us together,” actress Alejandra Lopez shared with E! News. Former X-Factor contestant Giselle Torres added, “I hope that my followers can always go on my platform and feel like they have a friend or a sister. In a world that can sometimes feel a little isolating, I hope they can take away that they are not alone in whatever experience or thing they may be going through.” 

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